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The Authentic Spa seal is a guarantee of a quality spa and wellness experience, with adequate safety and hygiene conditions for the use of certified spa facilities, as well as qualified human resources for the provision of services.


The Authentic Spa Seal

Do you own a spa? The Portuguese Spa Association guarantees you access to the best practices in the market, so that you can provide excellent service, regardless of your spa segment (day spas, hotel/resort spas, club spas, destination spas).

The Portuguese Spa Association upholds the best practices in the market and offers you a selection of spas with the "Authentic Spa" Quality Seal.

The spas that adhere to this seal of quality are committed to carrying out the requirements and maintain the quality level. The Portuguese Spa Association periodically undergo audits of the spa association members to guarantee adherence to the standards of hygiene, the security of the installations as well as the equipment’s that contribute to relaxation and wellbeing.

Definition of Spa

A wellness center dedicated to prevention and to promote health through treatments with water and other holistic experiences, carried out by qualified professionals in a relaxing environment.

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