Who we are

The Associação Portuguesa de Spas, through its "Authentic Spa" seal, helps spa customers select units that guarantee the highest quality of service. Members of the association have the opportunity to apply for the quality seal if they meet a set of specific requirements.

Definition of Spa

A wellness center dedicated to prevention and to promote health through treatments with water and other holistic experiences, carried out by qualified professionals in a relaxing environment.

Requirements for a Spa

To qualify as a spa unit, compliance with several requirements is needed. The owners/workers of the spa are required to demonstrate compliance and will undergo an audit before being admitted and will depend on the segment type.


Contact us to know what the requirements are for the different types of spas.


The spas that adhere to this seal of quality are committed to carrying out the requirements and maintain the quality level. The Portuguese Spa Association periodically undergo audits of the spa association members to guarantee adherence to the standards of hygiene, the security of the installations as well as the equipment’s that contribute to relaxation and wellbeing.


APS Founding Members

The founding members of the Associação Portuguesa de Spas are professionals with over 15 years of experience in the spa industry, representing different key areas including spa consultancy, academic research, and spa chains in leading hotel groups with spa and thalassotherapy facilities.

Paula Guedes

President & Partner (TOPSPA Consultants)

Liliana Ferreira

Vice President & Corporate Spa Manager (Satsanga Spa & Wellness - Grupo Vila Galé)

Cristina Pedro

Vice President, Researcher at CinTurs (Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being) & Spa Manager (Royal Spa Vale do Lobo)

Catarina Lopes

Member & General Manager (Magic Spa – Pestana Group)

Susana Correia

Member & Spa Manager (Savoy Group)

Angelina Diegues

Member & Spa Manager (Grupo Real – Spa Talasso)


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